"Today I went out of my comfort zone and tried a personal training session for the first time. Claire made me feel at ease and I relaxed into the session straight away.
She pushed me enough for me to get a good work out, but I felt she listened when I struggled with certain exercises and gave me another alternative which is the bonus of having a one on one or a small group of people. 

All in all a great experience and one I would strongly recommend ."

Jeanette McMillan 

"I had a personal training session with Claire recently and was thoroughly impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. Her medical background meant she could describe how each exercise impacted on my body. 

Her instructions were easy to follow and she put me at ease with her detailed explanation of each exercise.

 If there was something I didn’t feel comfortable undertaking, she could offer an alternative that worked just as well.

I have a short attention span when it comes to exercise(!) but Claire kept me focussed throughout and the time flew by!

I left the session feeling energised and stronger. Result!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claire if you’re looking for a committed, informative, fun trainer".

Stephanie Mowbray