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Pregnancy Health and Fitness

If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or have had a baby and would like some direction on restoring your functional fitness, optimise your wellbeing or weight loss, then I can help you achieve these aims and goals by maximising your performance and minimising injury.

 A successful fitness programme is directly linked to correctly balancing nutrition with exercise, focusing on movement, fitness and strength. 


Safe and Effective Exercise Tailored to You

Juggling life with a new baby is a challenge and can be unpredictable.  Personal training sessions are designed to fit around your routine.

 I will come to your home, office or a park at a time that suits you, bringing all the fitness equipment needed.   If you have had your baby this removes the need for child care and sessions will fit around you and your baby.

what I offer

Getting Started

I will visit you to provide a free, no obligation consultation.  I will discuss your needs and objectives and agree a bespoke fitness programme and time frame to achieve your goals.  

My Area

I am based in York and will consider clients up to 20 miles away.  Enquiries from potential clients further afield will be considered but may require individual charging arrangements.


If you would like to arrange your free, no obligation consultation or have any  questions please contact me.